The Big Bang!

Of all the misnomers and worst understood things out there, without doubt the most significant offender out there is the “the Big Bang!” In fact, other than the cataclysmic significance of the event, there was nothing “big” (in fact, infinitesimally small) about it, nor was there any sort of “bang” (in the absence of air, sound really has no meaning). In fact, even light did not come into existence millions of years into its existence. As a non-physicist and science-enthusiast, I like to believe that I owe it to people to clarify this fact. Of course, if you are left agape by this arrogance, feel free to peruse a different corner of the internet.

Here goes my theory, based on the available established knowledge as I understand it. There was no real beginning. Because time did not exist and therefore the whole concept of a beginning is meaningless. From the void of existence, came forth something. A zero-sum situation wherein the separation of positive and negative energy resulted in the creation of space and time. Given the infinite nature of the void, the energies endowed this “universe” were vast (and beyond our simplistic comprehension). As time beyond its inexorable journey, space unfolded itself, in tiny increments initially but eventually at a pace that staggers the mind to fill the universe as we know it. Given that it remains a zero-sum game, the universe is really a thing that is imaginary. One imagined by a collective consciousness that belies imagination. Thus, space and time, critical features of the universe as we know it are equally thus. Every single unit of this Universe is linked to that primordial void and Consciousness – individually aware of its nature, its position, and its fate. From tiny neutrinos flitting about the universe at frightening velocity to the blazing light that pervades the universe against the dark that represents the other half of that zero-sum, everything is both conscious and unconscious.

By Kartik Mani

Widely known for my extremely poor sense of humor, my life revolves around being an interventional cardiologist in the daytime; a molecular and cell biologist, when not placing stents in peoples arteries; a blogger when I get the time; a philosopher, when epiphany strikes; a rangefinder artist, when provided the inspiration and subjects; a car nut of staggering proportions; and Son, Brother, Dad and Husband to the greatest family known to mankind.

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